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Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort

Baby swimming

Baby adventure above and below water

Water is a natural habitat for infants, for it reminds them of time spent in the womb; in water of the appropriate temperature, they calm down and float freely. Baby swimming builds on this positive experience, and is in fact a cheerful class with rhyme and song, where infants can do exercises in the water with the help of a parent. For up to 6-7 months, infants retain their diving reflex, and will automatically hold their breath when their face touches water, so during classes they can safely explore the underwater world with the help of the instructor.

Why is baby swimming good?

Stoller Baby Swimming Academy's founder Katalin Stoller personally guarantees that the classes are both fun and taught with expert skill. Regular swimming shown to:

It's a great experience for babies, who can enjoy the undivided attention of mom or dad for half an hour, and for parents who can use this opportunity to chat and get to know people.

Perfect location, baby-friendly aqualand

Our baby-friendly aqualand is a great adventure for even the littlest ones. Getting ready is made easy with the changing rooms equipped with useful things like large shower stalls and changing cabins, built-in baby baths and a safe baby corner. If the babies still have some energy left after the swimming class, they can splash around in the kid's adventure pool, and the day can come to a close in the family sauna.

The who and when

Both hotel guests and local residents are welcome for our baby swimming classes. Classes are divided based on age and previous experience with swimming, our tutor helping with the latter of course. Before the first class, please call +36 20 3245 117 for further discussion.

Baby swimming classes are free for hotel lodgers, while local residents can attend them with a seasons pass. Passes can be purchased at the hotel reception.

Baby swimming pass (1 infant and 1 parent) 32 000 HUF/8 classes Valid for one month after purchase. The pass for the baby is fixed, while parents can change any time.
Extra adult ticket 2 500 HUF/class Needed if there's more than 1 infant and adult present for the class.
Extra child ticket 500 HUF/class Needed if there's more than 1 infant and adult present for the class.

With the pass and the tickets, only the hotel's experience pools can be used during class times.

Individual baby swimming lessons

There is also a chance to try the Stoller-method for baby swimming outside class hours, tailored to your individual needs. In these classes the tutor teaches only you and your baby. To make an appointment for an individual lesson, call Katalin Stoller, our baby swimming tutor, at +36 20 3245 117 a minimum of 3 days prior to your preferred date. Individual lessons on previous appointment cost 12 000 HUF/class.

Baby swimming camp - four times a year

Want to study the Stoller-method for baby swimming in an intense course? We organize 5 day baby swimming camps four times a year, where you can learn the core exercises, so that you can practice them all year near your home. Look for the baby swimming camps in our current offers!

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