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Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort

Frequently Asked Questions – Events

1. How much does participation in events and hotel activities cost?

Participation in weekend events and hotel activities is free of charge for hotel guests. Half-board holiday prices contain even more at this time. Not just the many basic services, but also free children activities, baby swimming lessons and much more! Browse our current program offers!

2. When can we meet Bobo? / How can we avoid Bobo?

There are two kinds of children: who adores Bobo and who is a little afraid of the "live" Bobo. It is therefore important to know where Bobo is: those who want to meet him can do so, and who does not can easily avoid him. Bobo visits the children each morning and evening. You can meet him around 10:30 in the morning in the kindergarten, around 6:45 p.m. at the entrance to the restaurant, and sometimes he even serves the birthday cake to little kids, if asked. A message to the less brave: this big, fluffy hippo throws kisses to everyone, so there is no reason to fear!

3. Why does the program start at this/that time, it is too early/late for us?

As the daily routine of every family is different, there is unfortunately no start time which would be perfect for everyone. The start of hotel activities is therefore determined based on many years of experience, to meet the needs of the average family. Thank you for your understanding!

Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort Tel.: +36 83 344 143 sales@kolping.hotel.hu