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Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort

Our safety measures

during a coronavirus epidemic

This is what we do for you

We’re counting on your cooperation


We continuously check in with medical organizations and authorities. 

We follow domestic and international news and implement every necessary protective measure. 

Please follow the news and comply with all regulations in force!

Check your own country rules about returning home! (border crossing rules, possible home quarantine, test, etc.)


When planning our programs, we pay attention not to create crowds.

Please come to your vacation only if you do not have symptoms of any disease, and neither you nor your immediate family are under treatment or mandatory quarantine surveillance.

Make a responsible decision, if you choose to finally go on vacation despite all the protective measures!


We wash and dry the sheets, robes, and towels at high temperatures, with sanitizing detergent in our own laundry room.

The door handles are disinfected multiple times a day, and so is everything that can be touched (screens, handrails), and everything with buttons (elevator, espresso machine, pancake maker, etc.)

The changing tables have medical pleather covers, so they can be treated with the necessary antiseptics.

There is a lot you can do to take care of yourself even before your trip. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, and to wear a face mask!

If changing your sheets, towels and robes daily would make you feel more comfortable, it is possible for an additional charge. 


Administration is convenient and safe at our renewed reception.

The key cards are disinfected!

Instead of printing the weekly schedule on paper, you can access it on your phone.

Use our quick-check-in service and give your information from home!

Keep a distance and wear face mask. Choose touch-free payment methods!


We have always made sure to clean thoroughly enough for even a newborn to be safe. Our experienced colleagues have now reached new heights of cleanliness.

We pay special attention to everything the guests touch, and everything that has buttons. The bathrooms are disinfected daily.

Trust the expertise of our staff. We have been preparing rooms for families to stay in for 24 years.

Our hygiene regulations were composed so that we can recreate the safety of your own homes.

Please do not keep us away from your room all day with the “Do not disturb!” sign, we would like to do the daily cleaning of the hotel rooms until 3 pm.


Even in case of a full house, there is approximately 200 m2 space per person in our 100 000 m2 park. Even if we won’t keep such a big distance, several activities and play facilities are available simultaneously to avoid overcrowding.

We have placed sanitizing stations everywhere. We fill the soap dispensers with antiseptic soap in every public restroom.

Take the opportunity, and choose from the locations and activities, since this is why you chose us!

Take advantage of the huge hotel park, here you can walk and play without a mask. Wearing a face mask is compulsory indoor.

Before entering the shared spaces, please sanitize your hand, and teach your children how to use the machines! 


Thanks to our outdoor programs and the numerous playgrounds, mask-free relaxation is ensured. This way we can enjoy the fresh air in smaller numbers. It is possible to keep a safe distance while still having fun.

We ventilate frequently indoors.

The ball pits have been temporarily closed.

The evening shows and concerts are held outdoors.

If you enter a common room, please use the disinfection stations and wear a face mask!

Small children need to be closely watched, since they are still unassuming about social distancing. The older kids understand it already, and they will cooperate in having fun while not breaking the new rules.


All of our staff wear face masks.

The cutlery will be disinfected with UV. We will use paper napkins instead of cloth ones.

We will pay special attention to every surface, object, and button that people touch.

(X.29.) The wearing of a face mask in restaurants is compulsory for every guest over 6 years of age, except when he is sitting at his table.

Choose a time slot for dinner that is right after the opening or before the closing of the restaurant if having a smaller crowd is an important aspect for you.

Family meals will be truly enjoyable, if everyone looks out for each other! 


We have always had to comply with strict regulations when preparing food (HACCP food safety framework), we have experience with adhering to strict standards.

Our staff is happy to serve you at the hot food counter, thus avoiding the shared use of the serving utensils.

Every equipment and surface are disinfected regularly.

Before entering the restaurant, please use the sanitizing stations!

Let us serve you! Help from an expert enhances the gastronomic experience, it is worth trying.


We left a distance between the sunbeds. According to current information, the chlorine in the water can fight off the virus.

The water quality and chlorine level of the pools is constantly monitored. Authorities regularly sample the water as well.

Each family can comfortably use it. Please keep a safe distance from others!

If you have cold-like symptoms (even only because of allergies), do not use the spa.

Shower thoroughly before using the pools!

Use the saunas with your own family members only, if possible.


The machines are regularly disinfected, and we ventilate frequently.

The time and space are favourable as well, since the gym has a large floorspace, and it is open 24/7. 

Please use the available sanitizer before and after using the machines!

Choose a low-risk time of day for your workout!


Massages, cosmetic treatments, manicures are all part of a relaxing time… as we all know. When enjoying a treatment in our beauty and health centre, you will only encounter our colleague, who applies the treatment.

Our healthy staff is waiting for you in a properly disinfected and ventilated area.

In the manicure salon, a plexiglass wall will separate you from our colleague.

We use a UV sterilizing device to disinfect our equipment, which is effective against bacteria and viruses as well.

The massage tables have medical pleather covers, so their surfaces can be treated with the necessary antiseptics.

Trust our precautions and relax!

There is no more risk in getting a massage, than in buying bread at the bakery (if not less).

Its rejuvenating effect on the other hand is undeniable.


Our staff is healthy. We introduced extra safety measures. No one can come to work when experiencing symptoms.

We have held hygiene trainings and apply what we learned.

We know how to effectively use gloves and masks.

Cooperation is particularly important now! Guests who do not wear a mask must be asked to leave the premises. In this case, we are neither obliged to repay nor to pay compensation.

Please be cooperative when we ask you to follow the rules! We do our best so that you don't remember the mask requirement, but the great holiday experience.

With a joint effort, we can easily make sure that vacation (almost) feels just like it used to (not so long ago).


We also worked during the operations' break and were optimistic about the future. This allowed the hotel to show its best by reopening. We are trying to keep our team together so that familiar faces await you back.

Thank you for choosing us to handle your vacation!

In the interest of your safety, we introduced new measures, while still keeping the tried and tested old ones.


We came up with flexible re-booking options and simplified our cancellation terms. This way you can choose a different date for your stay without losing the deposit.

If you already had a reservation during the lockdown period, and you didn’t cancel, but opted for postponing it instead, you can use our special discount offer, which we informed you about in a separate email.


We introduced a protocol; in case a guest might be carrying the virus.

We have locked down two rooms, so putting the guest and their family in quarantine is immediately possible.

Protective equipment is available at the front desk, and we are prepared to provide the necessary hygiene conditions.

We are in immediate contact with on-call medical services and will take the necessary steps.

We keep a record of every disclosed illness (even just a common cold), so the route and timeframe of every illness can be tracked.

We ask you not to visit us in one case: if you notice symptoms of any infectious disease in your immediate family.

If you do get infected here, please let us know immediately, and stay away from any shared spaces!

We will do everything to keep germs outside of the hotel, please help us with it. Even in this new world, we offer you an undisturbed, peaceful vacation!

If the current regulations were to change in any way, we will review our measures, and modify them according to the new situation. Our main goal is always protecting the health and safety of our guests.

“Great hotel, best choice with kids! The interior is lovely, the spa is more than fine!”

Matyas Racz

Google, 28. March 2019

Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort Tel.: +36 83 344 143 sales@kolping.hotel.hu